About Us

Know Us, To Trust Us.


Rendering independent professional accounting and financial reporting services to individuals and various business entities in and around Toronto, Canada since 2004. We also extensively handle and advise on cross border taxation issues.

We value all of our clients and view them as our partners. Our success is a result of your success.

Our mission is to ensure that we provide all the businesses and individuals whom we serve with appropriate accounting and tax solutions and we wish to be integral to the success of every organization, individuals and community.

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Support Throughout The Year​

You can count on our support not only during the tax season but also throughout the year. We are here to help grow your business and personal finances. We work hard to provide outstanding service to our clients with utmost care, dedication and professionalism.


Our firm adheres to the highest ethical standards of our profession.

Our firm is subject to external Peer Reviews and Practice Inspection to ensure compliance.